Thursday, 28 June 2012

Final Evaluation


This is my evaluation for unit 122&128. Unit 122 is about pattern Development for Fashion and Clothing and the Unit 128 is about the Garment production.

The block that I have used for my final collection was the dress block because all my four design was a dress therefore I did not have to create my own blocks but because my time is running out I decided that my fourth design will be an identity of my third design but because I don’t want it to be exact copy I have made changes by reflecting the design and using different fabrics for every section. I have use a modelling-on-stand method for my third and fourth design because the look of my design was a side shoulder dress with stretch boobs tube and stretch short skirt and therefore I feel it is easier to work on stand with the stretch fabric as it give the perfect fit.

The information that I putted on the pattern was my name, design number, size, description or name of the pattern, grain line, seam allowance, notches and number of fabric that need cutting out. This information is so important to write down onto the pattern because if your pattern get lost they will know who its belong to and if u would send it off to the factory or to somebody who is working for you they will be able to read and follow the pattern instruction by looking at the symbol and information.

When I created a lay plan I have to consider the width and the length of the fabric that I will be using and the price of the fabric. From carrying out this process I have learnt that you have to be accurate with measurement because you don’t want to waste your money and fabric. This is so important to an industry because if you’re using a very expensive fabric and you’re not accurate with measurement you will be wasting a lot of your money.

After I have completed my costing sheet I have learnt how I can set a price for my design fairly. Relating to an industry the costing sheets help them to figure out the price and hours they spend for the design and the price they should sell the design for and also the price of the design will shows is your design are suiting your customer target.

At first when I started CAD I find it very difficult because it is very confusing to me but once I keep practicing everything became much more easy compare to when I first started the CAD lesson, from completing my spec drawing I have learnt how I will manufacture my design because you will have to put in every detail about your design onto CAD. In an industry CAD is important to use to show the worker how you want your design to look like and this will help them manufacture your design correctly.

The most difficult section in my collection was the pleats skirt because there are many pieces of it therefore it is very fiddly to sews and having to stiffen it for my final fabric was making it worst because it doesn’t give any flexibility at all so I find it really hard to attach the skirt to the bodice, so I have problem solve this by hand tack it to the bodice.

Reflecting on my fabric choice it was appropriate for my target customer because the fabric was a very good quality and very expensive.

In this process the toile diary and blogging process is very important because it will help you understand how you created your design when you come back to look at it in the future, as a designer it help you to memorise how you created the design and not making the mistake u did when u were toiling.

My target audience was couture/Avant guard market. I am targeting at female age 20-38 that has a well-paid income. My colour pallet meets their needs because it involved gold, silver, black and a little dash of pink. The choice of fabrics meets the market target by communicating through the sparkling gold colour and the choice of hem has also met the target because it has been hand sews. I was very happy with the final garment outcome; however I could neaten it by spending more time attaching the pleats skirt to the bodice.

I feel that my strength was the manufacturing side because I think I did really well on it and my weaknesses would be the writing and explaining side of it. Reflecting on the past academic year I am glad that I have picked this course to study and I feel I have gain more knowledge about how to construct clothes, working with CAD, illustration and understanding more about fashion.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

My concept board for Asos green company

Spending my time learning how to use the photoshop...Pheeeewww! I finally completed it.
An image below show my concept board for the Asos green company, this is part of the unit 127 work that is outstanding at the moment.

Here is the result....

What do you think about it?

I am now slightly happy as I have now handed in all my work for the Unit. 127

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My final fabric

I went in London on Monday to purchase the fabric for my final year collection and today am going to show you for what fabric I have purchase so far...

All together in total, my fabric cost £197.50
My favourite one out of all is the sparkling fabric in the middle, this cost £32 per metre and it is purchase from the fabric shop in London called The Cloth Shop.

The fabric you saw above is just a start because I also need to buy some cheap plain fabric for my pleats.
Once I've got my fabric from London and because it is so nice and lovely I just really cannot wait to start on my fabric.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lifting the mountain off ma chest!

Pheeeeewww!!! I felt like my post title ^______^

I am very happy now because I has just complete my another outstanding unit, which will make my shoulder feel a lot lighter.
Today in college I have completed my unit 127 which is the Fashion Visualisation.

Here are some example for you to look at from my research file.

Yaeko Abe is a professional illustrator and a toy designer. She graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology I 2008 with a B.F.A. in toy design; she worked in a corporate toy industry as a designer in New York City and Philadelphia before entering the full time freelance world. As a toy designer, she has worked on brands like Barbie, Nickelodeon and Disney.

Method and Techniques.
-       Pen
-       Markers
-       Ink
-       Photoshop

Style and Mood.
Her style is quite simple as you can see from her simple drawing and colours that convey the mood of dark humour and beauty.

I think this is one of a clever simplicity piece of work. To me I just love it because it not fussy, just plain simple beauty.
Something simple that could make the work beautiful.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Trend Board

Before leaving college I manage to complete my trend board. This is done by photoshop.